What’s your favourite show at the moment on Netflix?

What’s your favourite show at the moment on Netflix?

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  1. I just finished Chromosome 21. It went viral on Twitter because people were making fun of the premise (a young man with Down Syndrome is accused of murder) but it’s actually a really solid show.

    It’s a Chilean show, so it’s in Spanish, but I watched with subtitles so I could keep up. It’s kind of a slow burner, but it gets really good, IMO.

  2. I’ll live and die by Daybreak.

    Yes it’s campy
    Yes it’s writing is cheesy and objectively bad
    Yes, I can believe it got cancelled

    But charm, boi it has that in spades.

    I haven’t had a show so easy to watch since I was a kid.

  3. Is supernatural still streaming on there? I believe so.

    The first 5 seasons are some of the best television I’ve ever seen. Maybe + 24 in it’s early years.

    SPN went on for too long but boy in its prime. It was unique, badass and awesome.

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