When did you find out that someone in your family is evil?

When did you find out that someone in your family is evil?

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  1. When he purposely excluded his 4 year old son (from a previous relationship) from his wedding to his new spouse, deleted all photos of his son from his social media, and legally signed away all parental rights. He has since had 2 more kids with said new spouse.

  2. When he ditched my half sister. Then i got the whole picture. He got with my mom, she had me, he booked, got another woman pregnant while my mom was pregnant with me, then walked out on them too, and hasn’t been seen after he left AGAIN when i was 10ish. (He came back for about a month)

  3. EDIT: the disorder is called INAD – Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy

    About 5 years ago when I discovered that my cousin lied about having a severely disabled daughter who she said was going to die a terrible death and not make it much past 8.


    My cousin had a baby and then disappeared for a few years. When the baby was 3 she came back into our lines with the worst news I have ever heard. Her daughter had a disease that was going make her deteriorate quickly. She would lose her sight, hearing and mobility before eventually dying.

    She had a huge fundraiser event in her new community she moved to. She falsified doctor letters and records so she could take advantage of charities like the make a wish foundation. The make a wish foundation sent her family to Disney World.

    The truth came out when people in her community realized the money she raised from the fundraiser didn’t actually go to the cause. She had pictures on social media of them going to the bank and everything. After it came out she was the scum id the earth, she vanished and no one has heard from her since. May you rot in hell Cynthia!

  4. My father’s sibling unleashed tragic verbal assaults on me after his death. Literally was forced to plan an escape from a property she owned, which I was renting. I notified the police that there might be an incident. I had looked up to this person as a safe member of my family. Totally lost all respect and realized I was sheltered from my family’s reality for my 40 years.

  5. My lovely little grandmother, who pretty much raised me, died. When sorting out her belongings I found a heap of photographs. Amongst them were shots of my cousin but she had cut out his black girlfriend. There he was smiling with a disembodied arm around his shoulder or stood in group shots with an entire person’s silhouette missing. The thought of her sitting there in the evening happily censoring her own family history with a pair of scissors and casually discarding this woman’s image made me sick. Among the possessions she left me was a lot of furniture that she kept for ‘best’ that no one in the family was allowed to sit on or at. I donated all that stuff to charity, sold the house and now can’t remember where she’s buried.

  6. When my cousin was super Adamant randomly to come see me after at least a decade of lost contact for it to be her finally admitting to somebody on my side of the family that my uncle had molested her when he was dating her mom and I kind of just lost myself trying to hunt this dude down on a death Note but have given up the search as of late, but I promise you if I ever catch that dude out on the streets anywhere I won’t hesitate to catch a curbstomp case in these here steeltoes I frequently rock.

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