When did you think you would die, but didnt? (Serious)

When did you think you would die, but didnt? (Serious)

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  1. My friends dragged me up to the mountains without my knowledge (i was told we were just going for a drive until we were halfway there). So im already at the mountain and im like aight i guess ill just roll with it. They had me build the fire since im the only one thats any good at building fires. Long story short the smoke inhalation caused me to have extreme asthma without an inhaler. Everyone refused to take me to the hospital the entire day. I ended up coughing so forcefully and so often that i ended up with pneumomediastinum (a hole in the lung causing air to leak into the mediastinum). Needless to say i cut off all ties with them.

  2. When I accidentally ate food containing walnuts. First time I experienced an anaphylactic chock. I started to feel a bit weird after lunch at work, figured it must be an allergic reaction. But it had never been more severe than a bit of throat itching and rashes before. So I walked to the drugstore to buy some antihistamine, had to stand and wait in line to pay. That’s when I felt it started to be tough standing up so I opened the pack of pills and took a few and then just exited the store and started to walk to the hospital which thank god is really close by.
    Had to climb a huge staircase to get up to the entrance, the workout made my blood pumping and I got worse really fast.
    Stumbled into the hospital barely able to stand or speak and got the attention of some who put me in a wheel chair and rolled me to emergency.

    From there I don’t remember much except I was suddenly lying on a hospital bed with people all around asking me questions about what I’ve taken, they believed I was on drugs. Tried to explain that I had eaten nuts and was allergic.
    A doctor tried to measure my blood pressure but couldn’t, apparently I didn’t have any.

    At that point my vision began to turn into white noise and I could just cry out “heeeelp”. That’s when I got some sort of shot and IV and it quickly got better.

    Scared as hell for nuts since that day.

  3. Fourth grade when I got pneumonia and had a fever of 104.5 degrees

    When I was 13 and got my wisdom teeth taken out, the codeine they gave me made me have an allergic reaction that almost killed me

    At 17 I got a flu shot that gave me the flu and I wound up in the hospital

  4. I was out swimming with some friends and since I’ve been swimming my entire life I wasn’t worried about swimming far out and diving by myself. So there I was, 150m away from the nearest person, diving in the sea. All of a sudden a sharp pain hits me in the leg and the shock causes me to breathe out.
    There I am, alone a couple of meters under the surface, thinking “I’m dead if I don’t calm down”. With that in mind I force the pain away and start using the rest of the body to swim up with.
    I reach the surface and swim to shore. The whole thing lasted just a couple of seconds but it really didn’t feel like it at the time. If I hadn’t been swimming my whole life I could’ve easily died that time. Now it wasn’t the closest I’ve been to dying but it felt the closest.
    Idk if that counts.

  5. When my ex husband tried smothering me and killing me. Managed to finally get my feet up under him and literally launch him off the bed into a dresser. He tried saying his arms gave out during sex and he had just “happened” to fall with his whole body ontop of me with a pillow over my face. Wasn’t the first time he tried killing me.

    Ex husband also said he was going to “change my brakes” on my old car for me. He never did. He also drained brake fluid out to so it’d look like an accident. Thankfully everyone got outta my way when I was going 120+ mph down the Tennessee mountains on the way to GA because a cop pretty much cleared the way. A family that saw it happening and had stopped around where we did had even said they were scared for me because I couldn’t slow down and had seen the look of pure horror on my face as them, the cop, and my current husband all watched my brake lights coming on but me not slowing down. Ex hsuband didn’t change the brakes and when my current husband did there was nothing but metal no brake pads on it at all. Had no clue my ex had drained most the brake fluid either so it blew a small hole in the brake line. He also had cancelled my car insurance (even though I was the main policy holder) hoping I’d get pulled over and arrested for it.

    Last year wrecked an ATV that was not ours but another neighbors that is horribly unbalanced. Managed to kick the ATV away from me as it was falling backwards to hit me, the handle bars only grazed my hip. My butt and hip were bruised for months. Was almost struck by lightening and it scared me, my husband, and our old lady neighbor next door.

  6. I got blue lighted to A&E on Christmas Day with severe Covid symptoms. My blood oxygen saturation levels had gone off a cliff – I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it through the night. Spent a fortnight in hospital before being discharged. I owe my life to the NHS. 💜

  7. I met with an accident where a huge bus knocked me riding a cycle. It came from behind, there were no other vehicles to be seen, and I saw what was gonna happen to me. I knew I was gonna die, but luckily, I was thrown to the other side of the road and survived with small injuries. In my mind, I was gonna die and I just could not believe I lived.

  8. I had acute pancreatitis and an infected gallbladder. I now know what it feels like to be stabbed because thats the feeling you get when your body is at its limit. By the time I got to the er I had curled into a ball and could not relax from the pain.

    This was brought on by years of horrible reflux and horrible abdomen pain. All of the drs told me to take Zantac or pepcid or tums and suck it up. Fuck them. I lost my gallbladder and a great deal of health because of them. Imagine looking at any food, even rice, and tearing up because of the chance it could cause immense pain.

    That and maybe the numerous times as a kid I’ve been kicked or trampled by horses.

    The one time I had to go out in the dark and feed the horses, while home alone, and a hay bale I pulled fell on top of me.

    Sucking on eucalyptus leaves as a kid.

    My maternal grandmother used to feed us nightquill when we were small kids and my paternal grandparents told us we would come back pooping green. I also hate that my parents would leave us at my maternal grandmother’s house and there was never any food. Remember eating Pedigree dogfood that was “bone” and “meatball” shaped. I think I liked the meatball ones the best. Would literally grab a handful stored outside and spend hours walking the seven acres because we rarely got to use the tv.

    Had a gun pointed at me once or twice and was oblivious to it. I was told later by friends that were with me.

    I didn’t work my normal job site one time and the day that I would have worked there was an abduction.

    Ex-boyfriend ran a yield on green traffic light while I was a front passenger. Watched the little oncoming pickup truck hit me near full force. The fucking idiot driving the truck was also texting.

    Lots of shit everyday every second.

  9. Got way too wasted at one of my high school graduation parties without much tolerance, ended up having to get four IVs

    I don’t remember much besides definitely thinking I was done for. Apparently I was yelling “I DON’T WANT TO DIE YET” over and over

    Funnily enough, I can now drink near 2x as much as I did then and be fine

  10. When I blacked out in the tub (from being drunk) while it was filling up and came to with my head half under the water. The person I thought was my best friend at the time was supposed to stay and watch me but while I was out, she left and didn’t even try waking me up. That “friendship” ended after that incident.

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