Which video game protagonist would suffer the most PTSD?

Which video game protagonist would suffer the most PTSD?

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  1. Princess Peach. She’s been abducted innumerable times since the mid 1980s by a slightly rapey turtle-dragon-wizard thing with _way_ too many kids and, suspiciously, no mother. Her kingdom has been constantly under attack, and her boyfriend, while dedicated, has yet to propose to her and she ain’t getting any younger, Mairo. >:(

  2. Gordon Freeman, a 27-year-old nerd gets used by employer to help aliens invade, has to escape collapsing workplace, gets attacked by the US military, aliens and zombies of his co-workers. Then goes to an alien world, meets an alien that’s masquerading as a human that offers him either death or a job, then wakes up like 20 years later to find the planet invaded/enslaved by aliens and forced right back into the chaos as he’s forced to fight the alien occupiers. Then there is what happens to Alyx and Eli right in front of him.

  3. Any of the protagonists from Fallout. I love seeing the ‘enemies killed’ stat and, if they actually existed, imagining how many of those numbers would had dreams, aspirations, and people that loved them.

    It’s really fun: you should try it some time.

  4. Niko Bellic from GTA IV. Niko have survived an ambush that one of his teammates setup during the war. After the war, He begins working for human trafficking ring. After the smuggling operation sank, Niko have to swim for safety, but everything lost. When arriving at Liberty City (New York City) he begins working as a hired gun for the mob, corrupt cop, and government agent. He having of great sense of guilt about the valve of human life, but killing is the only thing he can do.

  5. This is a weird one but Sonic the Hedgehog.

    His life and the life of his friends are routinely threatened by a mad scientist who is also trying to level the Earth to build an insane theme park on top. He’s had to fight a myriad of fucked up foes including multiple robot copies of himself, a few aliens, and several gods. He’s watched multiple friends basically die in front of his eyes, and has lost some of them forever. He’s been locked in a space prison for 6 months and experienced multiple forms of bodily torture like a painful nightly transformation that turns him into a monster and a cyber corruption that put him in a state of screaming agony. And keep in mind, he’s not even 16 years old yet, and that scientist is still trying to kill him and his friends.

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