Who is a bad guy in history who actually wasn’t a bad guy?

Who is a bad guy in history who actually wasn’t a bad guy?

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  1. **Herbert Hoover.** He was a lifelong humanitarian and had a reputation as an excellent administrator, which led him to win the Presidency of the U.S in 1928.

    – But less than eight months after he took office, the world was rocked by one of the worst economic depressions in history.

    – It was also during Hoover’s Presidency that mass media like radio and newsreels started spreading wildly, and Hoover was a breathtakingly awful speaker with poor public relations skills.

    So Hoover got trounced in the next election by FDR’s abundant optimism and wide toothy grin, and was forever tarred in history as being the uncaring standoffish bureaucrat who ignored all the hardships of the Great Depression from his White House perch.

  2. More a set of bad guys, but the Persians (especially from the 300 era.) Classical Greeks and Romans seem to get a free pass for cultural influence. Don’t know if the Persians were necessarily great, I don’t know enough about them, but certainly not ‘the bad guys.’

  3. most significant historical figures were not good people. it depends on the narrative. a lot of people in mongolia idolize the Great Khan, but he wasn’t a great dude. George Washington is said to be a good guy, but he’s not either

  4. King George the Third (King opposite the American Revolution). One of the big causes of the revolution was that King George demanded the colonists respect treaties with Native Americans and refrain from moving west into Native American territory. They hated that and revolted to nullify those treaties.

    “Bad Guy” is a matter of perspective. If you are a Native American then the revolutionaries were absolutely the “Bad Guys”. The truth is that American Colonists were taxed more after the revolution than prior and George made a huge amount of concessions to them to keep them happy including reducing their taxes until they were the lowest taxes of all British Colonies. Most of the “bad” stuff that history covers like the stamp act and the tea taxes were after attempts to pacify the colonists and were used to make a show of force when the peaceful tactics failed and the two sides started to spite each other.

    Most Americans have no clue what name is opposite George Washington and the like other prominent founding fathers in the revolutionary war. They hardly learn about anything but the propaganda that is now over two hundred years old.

  5. Caligula.

    A lot of the stories of him being mad were just posthumous propaganda by his political opponents. Considering the horrific abuse by Tiberius he suffered as a child, Caligula was remarkable well balanced.

  6. Well………

    Gaddafi. He wanted break the American monopoly and they killed him. Also portrait him as a bad guy, where America was the one. If he was alive he would be the most powerful leader of the world. And wouldn’t had any chance.

    That’s why we say “Winners writes the history.”

  7. Jesus was given vinegar to drink by the Roman. It turns out that the roman military provided their troops with a water/vinegar mixture to drink because it helped them replenish their salt levels after perspiring. So, the only thing the Roman did was to offer Jesus a sip of his own drink rather than making him drink vinegar as punishment or a dig.

  8. Despite what was portrayed in Amadeus, and though in reality they were musical rivals, Antonio Salieri was actually friends with Wolfgang Mozart. In fact, years after Mozart’s death, Salieri assisted with and helped finance his son Franz Xaver’s musical education as a tribute to his late friend.

  9. Osama bin laden, hear me out
    He was just the representative of Al Qaida at the time, he (to my knowledge) never pulled a terrorist attack off himself. I also read he was a laid back gamer that watched anime (don’t know how much is true)

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