Why aren’t parachutes a mandatory addition for every person aboard an aircraft?

Why aren’t parachutes a mandatory addition for every person aboard an aircraft?

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  1. Because at altitude, the odds of you being able to use them is slim… if the craft is stable enough to get 100 passengers to suit up and jump; it’s stable enough to try and save…

    If you suddenly went from inside to outside; like an explosive decompression… the likelihood of you being aware enough to use a parachute is slim; and that’s assuming you wore it the whole trip… if you didn’t, there is no way for you to put it on.

    They aren’t easy to use either… you would need to train everyone how to use them..

    The practicality and cost wouldn’t be worth implementing… and most of not all scenarios where they would save everyone; they were probably not needed in the first place.

    Sometimes safety is best simplified… complicating everything can just cause stressful decision making and panic…

    (Plus at altitude, doors are not just locked, but sealed by pressure… so planes would need to drop altitude to even open up… again, if they can do that, the plane is likely better off attempting to save itself…)

  2. Because at 35,000ft you can’t open the door on the plane unless the cabin is depressurized. And if the cabin is depressurized you’ll lose consciousness long before you can get a parachute on.

    I could see maybe if the pilot is able to hold it steady at a lower altitude. But then if you have that much control, why not just attempt a landing?

  3. I would assume If you have to jump from a plane at the hight of commercial airliners then you’re going to suffocate from lack of oxygen at that altitude long before you hit the ground anyway. So you’ll just be a corpse floating to earth on a parachute instead

  4. There’s not enough room for luggage, not to mention the weight, where would they store them all? Also how would you get a plane full of people to put on chutes during an emergency, I mean look at the cluster f of people trying to get their bags out of the overhead bins after landing. Next if a plane was going down there is no way you could get all those people out of the emergency exits. Finally you have to be trained to work a chute, an absolute amateur would plunge to their deaths.

  5. Having parachutes on a plane is like having life vests in a car. Chances are so incredibly slim that you would be in a situation where that would even be an option. If something goes wrong enough that it’s worth jumping out you’ll probably die anyways.

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