Why don’t police use beanbags and rubber bullets as their primary ammo instead of regular bullets?

Why don’t police use beanbags and rubber bullets as their primary ammo instead of regular bullets?

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  1. this may surprise, but when a police officer decides to use their gun, the expressed purpose of doing so is to kill the target.

    They don’t try to shoot a gun out of their hand, they don’t try to shoot the knee and make them fall down. Real life is not a TV show. The very specific purpose of those guns is to kill the target.

  2. I feel like I should add that I don’t think that they shouldn’t use regular bullets when the situation calls for it, just that most situations could be solved with rubber bullets and beanbags instead of regular bullets.


  3. I guess my rebuttal question would be as follows, how do we determine with 100% clarity that the situation doesn’t require the possession of these lethal armaments? As in, there is no telling what a person may be concealing on their person’s, to warrant someone to willingly enter the situation where it cannot be confirmed. It sounds bad but it’s like a condom. I would rather have one and not need one, than need one and not have one.

  4. Because the police are in a LETHALLY DANGEROUS job and neither beanbags nor rubber bullets have either the range or the spread or the stopping power of a normal bullet when someone is coming at you or shooting at you with the intention to end your life.

    P.S. Tasers.

  5. Because rarely do those things do much against someone who is in the middle of adrenaline rush and even in their intended use such as during riots they are questionably effective at best and usually meant more as a deterrent than anything

    Plus outside of questionable issues with police, generally speaking cops only fire their gun if someone’s life is at risk in which case most civilians would do the same if they were in that position so I don’t see much of an issue

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