Why don’t you care anymore?

Why don’t you care anymore?

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  1. After years of working, paying taxes and putting into the system, the system offered nothing to help me when it became to much, and I suffered a mental breakdown.
    I worked 60 hours a week as an essential worker at the start of the pandemic, taking extra night shift hours to help keep the company going with various people self isolating. The company never thanked me, and when it came to firing me after suffering a mental breakdown 2 years later they acted like I owed them gratitude.
    The doctors I visited leading up to my mental breakdown never took me seriously, even when I told them I would loose my job if it carried on.
    No one cared about me, I put in all the effort I had and it wasnt good enough for anyone.
    So fuck them, fuck them all, I’m never going to put in effort just to be chucked under the bus the moment I am not longer convenient enough for them.

  2. Learned young people easily form opinions without even hearing different sides of a story. Basically corrected into have near zero value in the opinion of those I do not truly care about.

  3. Because if you care to much then u can never truly become who you wanna become because you’ll never be able to put yourself first.

    Also because i have a mix of very realistic/pessimistic views towards life. Nothing in this world matters to me since we’ll all die and it will all have been for nothing anyways.

  4. Eventually you grow up. And you realize a lot of the things that were Very Important to you, don’t actually matter. Things like what strangers think of you. You reprioritize. And you forget. I know I was a very dramatic and emotional teenager. But I can’t for the life of me put myself back in those shoes. And I’m not even embarrassed by it because I know I was just a kid, just baffled by it. Also you come to realize that one day you will die. That definitely helps you figure out what actually matters to you.

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