Why have/do you block people?

Why have/do you block people?

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  1. I’ve noticed lately occasionally a user will respond to one of my comments combatively and immediately block me before I can respond. I struggle to understand the mentality of this. Is it therapeutic? Do you feel like your voice needs to be heard but get anxiety with public Confrontation? No judgment from me, I just wanna know why.

  2. The only reason I’ve ever blocked someone is because they were emotionally abusive/emotionally unintelligent. We all have bad days, but looking at your partner as a punching bag as opposed to a sounding board is an easy way to ruin a good thing. I tried to reconnect with a “friend”recently after a rough breakup, and they said “I can see why your girlfriend broke up with you” when I said I wouldn’t start fucking them casually.

  3. because they annoyed me

    because they’re a troll

    because they participated in a trend i don’t like

    because they’re speaking on things they don’t understand as if they’re a genius on the subject

    my block list is miles long. I don’t believe in winning or losing the internet anymore. “if you block me it means i win” is bullshit when the actual prize is no longer being bothered.

  4. While we were dating, my ex started stalking my Instagram and messaging my followers (I never really post anything and he knew the only people who followed me were my irl friends). He was spreading lies about me (that I had STDs and was a prostitute) and and demanding my friends interrogate me about cheating on him, and then report back to him. Dropped a friend over it, because he sided with my ex and also spilled all my secrets to my ex after we broke up. After I blocked my ex, he started using that friend’s account to stalk me. It’s been years and I don’t hear from any of them anymore, thank God.

  5. I moved away and didn’t want anything to do with my family or old friends anymore. I wanted to start fresh. Everyone got blocked until I eventually just deleted all social media and most evidence of myself online that I could. I like a private life.

  6. On FB as it’s all I’m on….posting senseless drivel about your life daily, posting a pic of food or a drink, posting pics of something about your job that’s uninteresting to everyone (I don’t care that the machine you work on is…working) So many people I’ve unfollowed.

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