Why should someone lose weight?

Why should someone lose weight?

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  1. Because it’s for the best. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any fit person miss being overweight.

    But it’s up to you. You could reach your full potential and be super attractive with more energy, or stay overweight with higher health risks.

    And exercise does more than just “lose weight”. It’s been proven that exercise also helps you mentally as well. Staying complacent and stagnating is a good way to feel like shit

  2. Health issues. My doctor told me, that if I didn’t lose weight, she would diagnose me with diabetes. I had three months to get my long term blood sugar level from 48 to as low as possible. I lost around 10 kilos in three months and my long term blood sugar level went from 48 to 39 without medication!

  3. For your health (Dr. Brule).

    I’m losing weight to get my health back. Time to eat better, exercise more, drink more water. I have a history of high blood pressure. And I’m not getting any younger. I don’t want to add heart disease and strokes to my history.

  4. Because they want to be better treated by society. This is a minor reason, but often not mentioned. I’ve heard a lot of ex-fat people talk about the difference in how people treat them. It’s sad, but imagine that if you did a thing, all of a sudden everyone around you would be nicer to you. It could be motivational

  5. What kind of question is that. It depends on why they are losing the weight, duh.

    If very overweight – likely for health reasons.

    If a bit over weight – likely to look better, be more attractive.

    If normal weight – likely they aren’t gonna do it.

    If very underweight – likely to kill themselves and be done with it, I guess.

  6. Honestly, it just feels a million times better. Whenever I’m at the gym and do squats with weight on my back, or even carrying my 4 year old around (who weighs like 40 lbs) I think: “this is what it would feel like to carry around extra weight all the time”….and it would suck.

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