With Netflix shutting down sharing, what is it that makes it worth $15 a month any more? What are the game changing shows that make it worth $185 a year?

With Netflix shutting down sharing, what is it that makes it worth $15 a month any more? What are the game changing shows that make it worth $185 a year?

What do you think?

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  1. Honestly I think they’ll lose a larger portion of their consumer base than they think. People would rather spend money on bundles that Hulu or Disney offer because even if it’s more expensive you get way more and sharing is still available (pretty sure)

  2. I’ve been a Netflix subscriber with no interruptions, since the DVD only days.

    The sharing itself isn’t what makes me question get rid of the service, but in the last 2-3 years of price hikes I’ve noticed I watch Netflix less and less.

    My sister does use my account sometimes, and so does my late father’s girlfriend and grandkids. I mostly keep the service because of that added value.

    Once this is gone, I probably won’t leave right away, but will be one price hike away from doing so.

  3. Nothing. I’m sharing a relative’s account and I’m not signing up for my own account when they cut off my access. Funny thing is my relative is probably ending her subscription too. None of us use it enough individually to justify keeping it, but between the three families using it we do collectively.

  4. I’ve never watched a single fictional show on Netflix. I keep it for the food, travel, and nature documentaries and stand-up comedy specials.

    They’ve also got some good movies. Sure some of them are on Prime, but the Prime interface is a fucking jungle maze of horseshit to navigate.

  5. I have Hulu with the Disney+ bundle, commercial free, and the HBO add on which is perfect. I use my dad’s Netflix, but I don’t think we would be considered to share passwords, I think he pays for multiple people to use the account. If I lose access to Netflix I don’t think I would be overly bummed, and I definitely wouldn’t pay for it

  6. Nothing. We’re probably going to cancel it and honestly, i’ll just pirate the shows that are actually still going. I got really sick of Netflix cancelling good shows after 1-2 seasons, and a lot of the originals are just hot garbage. It’s not worth $185 a year at all.

    I work in EMS and we’re based at a fire station. Obviously we’re going to be on a different IP, so I can’t even use my account on the station TV anymore? Lame. They took away AirPlay ages ago so I can’t even airplay it. I want to use the TV, not just my phone. VPN isn’t really a viable option for us at the fire station.

    The hoops you have to use to log in are already a huge pain in the ass.

  7. My kids love a lot of the shows and I have a watch list a mile long. $15 is way cheaper than cable, and no commercials! I’m also not interested in “game changing shows”, just entertaining ones. Which Netflix has a ton of IMO.

  8. I really only keep it so my daughter can use it up in school. When they nix that, I’m likely done. I just hope that the last season of Better Call Saul drops before that, because I’d really like to finish that show.

  9. For me Cobra Kai and That 90’s Show. Cobra Kai finale 6th season is coming and if they can That 90’s Show and not give it second season, then Netflix has nothing for me. I am no longer their target audience. Now HBO is where its at for me personally

  10. They only have like 2 shows and some stand up comedy that I’ll actually watch. Content has went way downhill since around the pandemic. Them charging as much as hbo and prime is nuts to begin with but this will be the final nail in the coffin

  11. Some of these post are wild. The people who seem to complain the most are the ones free loading off their friends and family. You either like it or not, I may cancel at some point but not because of this. They still have a lot more original content then other providers.

  12. I think the whole “binge watching” phase is subsiding. It can’t compete with short form media in terms of grabbing and holding attention, and it can’t compete with other forms of long form media like podcasts and audio books since the whole appeal is the ability to listen and multi task without screen watching.

    People say the content is worse but I disagree. I think companies have just figured out the formula and it’s not movies/long episodes. YouTube, Meta, and everyone else is realizing that it’s either become TikTok or cease growth.

  13. you guys are insane.

    no one is going to cancel because they can’t share. nothing changes for the person who’s been paying all along, it’s the people not paying who are suddenly exclaiming “TELL ME WHY I SHOULD PAY!”… which if you think about it, is akin to being caught at the exit of a store by security and then telling you to put the shampoo back, and you getting mad. you were stealing, now they’re asking you to pay going forward.

    why should you? well, because you use the service. if you’re only using it because it’s free, then you’re not a customer. they have nothing to prove to you.

  14. You know, I feel as though while there are legitimate complaints, it just seems that many feel entitled to being able to share their accounts with multiple people. In the end, Netflix is a business, one based on the number of subscribers, that charges a flat rate per subscription. Sure, it was fun to get away with it while you could, but you would have to be naive to think they wouldn’t eventually stop it from happening.

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