Women, how old were you when you first noticed men looking at you?

Women, how old were you when you first noticed men looking at you?

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  1. When I started traveling to another part of town by public transport by myself, at age 11. I was constantly chatted up by adult men. Disgusting.
    Looking back I was already harassed and assaulted before that. A guy flashed his penis to me when I was about 5 or 6, and someone rubbed his penis on me at the pool when I was about 8 or 9 years old.

  2. 11. I was 5’6 and all legs. Went through puberty early :/ I remember walking through the park with a friend over the summer and getting called over by men in their 20s in the parking lot not realizing I was 11 (but still messed up because I was obviously not 18+.) Also remember being at a high school football game with friends in 6th grade and being hit on by high schoolers (who at least thought I was a freshmen.) It’s awkward and uncomfortable when you’re that young. Especially when you grow and develop over a Summer.

  3. I think 12. We were on a road trip and my siblings were trying to get the trucks to honk their horns by doing the pulling-down motion. This one truck driver wasn’t having it, but then I did the motion and he honked his horn. That scenario played out a few times. We made the connection that if I did the motion they would always honk their horn, but if my younger siblings tried tuck drivers would only sometimes honk their horn.

    I mentioned “isn’t that weird? What am I doing different” to my mom. She said, “well you’re wearing a tank top.” I was still confused because my other, much younger siblings were wearing tank top too. But then my mom explained that I looked different in the tank top because I was older (mind you, I was still only 12) and that some men wouldn’t see me as a child anymore but closer to an adult women.

    I have never tried to get a truck driver to honk their horn again.

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