Would you be in favor of removing “In God We Trust” from American currency and why?

Would you be in favor of removing “In God We Trust” from American currency and why?

What do you think?

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  1. Yes. Because of the first line of the first amendment of the constitution. Also because it only made it on currency in the ’50s from lobbying efforts. Because America was not founded as a Christian nation. And because E Plurubus Unum was the original national motto.

  2. Absolutely, the United States as a nation was not founded on the Christian religion as clearly stated in the Treaty of Tripoli, and federal currency should therefore not espouse the existence (or nonexistence) of one or several deities. It’s one of the most divisive things they could do, since it’s clearly in reference to the Abrahamic God

  3. Yes, because:

    1) Putting “In God We Trust” on money is akin to worshiping it and Jesus is pretty obviously against that kind of shit.

    2) The government is supposed to be secular. Crossing that line, even in a harmless way, opens the door to persecution on behalf of a religion or a particular religious sect.

    3) The government adopting religious symbology is a way to bolster the legitimacy of the government and governmental legitimacy should only come from the consent of the governed.

    4) Associating the government with a religion gives government an incentive to portray their actions as religiously just, influencing theology towards potentially irreligious ideas.

    Edit: In no particular order.

  4. Yes.

    For starters, not all of “we” “trust” in the “god” in question. If the money said “Allah is the one true God” then I’m sure a lot more people would have a problem with the slogan.

    Second, it’s a slogan. Put there (at least for the last 70 plus years) to differentiate ourselves from the “godless communists” of a system that collapsed over 30 years ago. Like…seriously…we’re still fighting the Cold War on our money? Dude…

    Finally, if you’re the genuine Christian type…you know Jesus wasn’t exactly a fan of money, right? If he came back now and saw what was afoot, he might say “excuse me…you put my dad’s name on your currency? Did you not listen to what I said? No! You’re not…you’ve got all this wrong!”

  5. I wouldn’t care either way. I am Christian but what is written on the money is not significant either way. It doesn’t matter.


    EDIT: Another thing is America is in my opinion a very consumerist, materialistic and wealth worshiping place. So having “In God We Trust” written on the money feels kind of strange

  6. Although I think that religion and government should definitely be absolutely separate entities that shouldn’t intermingle their roles in society, I don’t see how removing “In God We Trust” would really change much in the long run

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