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This censorship is the reason in the first place why I have never bought even one of those concoctions made by whiny wimps who are most likely younger than me, so live in my world, not I in theirs, and yet try to patronise me and decide what I can and must not watch. Ridiculous. Like kindergarten.
If they don’t portray the world they claim to be portraying, but instead whitewash it by pretending that certain obvious aspects like signs and flags never existed, then they can shove their so-called games up where the sun don’t shine, and I certainly don’t mean London.
That’s what I think of force-feeding me with likewise fascistic censorship and hypocritical propaganda versions of games set in such times, and what I conversely think of mods that help correct those false representations again, to not just show the correct weaponry (you know, those tools, that actually kill people, as opposed to the insignia that does no harm) as the developers are always so keen to get them right (Hear ye, hear ye!), but also authentic uniforms with all the appropriate insignia and flags, guidons and so on.
But despite these thankfully available mods, which are always good to have, thanks to the makers (without them I as a German wouldn’t spend a dime on IL-2 Sturmovik either, but that’s another story), I still don’t buy such games in order not to support companies with phoney, authoritarian bootlicker attitudes like this. I decide what I watch, I will not reward someone with money for even trying to patronise me and treating me like a 12 y/o boy.

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