You boss texts you “We’re short staffed and I need you to come in” on your day off, how would you respond?

You boss texts you “We’re short staffed and I need you to come in” on your day off, how would you respond?

What do you think?

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  1. Best response I’ve ever gotten:

    I used to manage a medical marijuana dispensary. I one time asked one of our part timers to come in on his day off because a couple people called off. He said he took an edible twenty minutes prior, and it was up to me if he should come in. I told him to enjoy his day off.

  2. It depends on your boss and your work.

    Like if you’re planning on being there long term, it’s a good job, a good employer, a good boss, then might as well. Officially you’re not required, but if it’s a good boss it will help a lot to continue building a trusting relationship. I sometimes work with my boss on the weekends, it is the exception and not the norm, and he works with his boss. For more urgent stuff. It’s part of having a healthy team and a healthy business, we’re all in it together.

    That being said, a lot of the time you’ll have a wolf in a good boss’s clothing or just generally a shit job. In that case the only thing to do is to not reply. There is no obligation to reply. Replying to say no will cause more harm than good because it’s harmful to trust, not replying and pretending to be away, that’s less trust-harmful

  3. i’ll come in for double pay (or triple if i’m feeling frisky)

    either they don’t really need you, or they’ll be willing to pay whatever it takes to get me in. I have 100% control over the supply of my labor, they’re the ones that have demand.

  4. Boss: “I called you this weekend to come in. We really need the help sometimes on the weekends, ”

    Me: “Why wasn’t I scheduled to come in, then?”

    Boss: “We need you during the week because our customers expect us to be open.”

    Me: “If we need more people, we should hire more people.”

    Boss: “We don’t have enough money in the budget for another person.”

    Me: “But there’s enough money to pay me overtime?”

    Boss: “There is when you answer the phone!”

    Me: “My dad took my phone away.”

    Boss: “You’re 49 years old!”

    Me: “His house, his rules”

    Boss: “This is ridulous. Your father can’t interfere
    with your work. When I call you, you need to pick up”

    Me: “If anybody picks up, it will be my father.”

    *ring ring*

    Me: “It’s my dad. Do you want to talk to him?”

    Boss: (sigh)

  5. I don’t. I don’t even open the text, I just read the notification, so that they can’t accuse me of reading it and not responding. My day off is my day off, I don’t owe work anything, and it’s not my fault management scheduled wrong, or someone else called in sick. It isn’t the end of the world if they work short staffed, or some things don’t get done, and maybe management can actually step in and do their part to cover for others.

  6. Hey boss, I understand the situation and I’m willing to come in, but I was really looking forward to having this day off. It’s like when you’ve been waiting for a sunny day all week and it finally arrives, only for it to be clouded over again. That said, I’ll be there as soon as I can.

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