You can change or add one thing to Human 2.0. What do you update?

You can change or add one thing to Human 2.0. What do you update?

What do you think?

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  1. Proper and clear stats screen with status monitoring.

    Like a combination from character sheets from RPG games displaying all sorts of characteristics and sims status bars.

    Yes i know it’s supposed to already exist, but that’s way too vague and barley functions.

  2. Appendix, Fix errors in the nose, fix growing height to max 175cm, fix to big boobs in females which makes back problems, fix max weight, fix anger/hormone issues, fix to much smell, fix sweat…..,

    So many points

  3. Upgraded empathy circuits, extended telomeres, lowered resources requirements (metabolic optimization), and something akin to what the blue cat people from Avatar have where when we plug a thing in a thing, we can communicate perfectly (and also maybe it feels good!).

    Edit: Just realized I had to pick one. Upgraded empathy circuits.

  4. Compassion for another’s life, known or unknown.
    Too many just pass by someone suffering (homeless), and not only look away or don’t acknowledge, but even give dirty looks or words.

    They are ppl too, and have NO HOME to comfort them at the end of the day.

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