You have just purchased Twitter, what is the first policy you institute?

You have just purchased Twitter, what is the first policy you institute?

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  1. I’m going to loudly declare that I won’t ban anyone before suddenly reneging on that promise and banning only Elon Musk. I honestly think it will do him and his companies some good but I’d just like to watch him seeth.

  2. A comprehensive statement reminding people that Twitter is a private company, banning or silencing them is not a First Amendment violation, and that racist commentary will get your account banned.

    And that seditionists don’t get a personal platform. I’d put a chatbot that spews random conspiracy theories with the same profile pic. No one will notice a difference.

  3. I would basically revert the timeline back to *only* showing you tweets from people you follow, the tweets they retweet, and the occasional advertisement.

    The thing that made Twitter unique and even useful in the grand scheme of social media was that it had a completely curated and sequential timeline. Even if that puts a cap on Twitter being super duper profitable, it at least makes it worth existing.

  4. Not just verified users, but verified tweets. If your tweet makes a factual claim, provide a verifiable citation and your tweet will get a “citation provided” icon.

    Also, in addition to identity verification for users, I’d add a “subject matter expert” verification. So if someone is tweeting about a particular field or area of expertise, you have some idea whether or not they know what they’re talking about.

  5. A two-fold change:

    First, building rent and maintenance must be paid for any necessary offices, so that they are pleasant for any employees who desire in-office work.

    Second, the first Tuesday of every month is now Pancake Tuesday. In-office employees get breakfast for lunch and the PR team takes on posting a discussion thread related to breakfast.

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