You’ve all seen that mug

You’ve all seen that mug, and I echo everyones disgust towards it & F1… But the fact of the matter is… Ever since Lewis won his 7th championship & tied Schumi on November 15th, 2020… Formula 1 has been doing everything in it’s power to stop Lewis from setting new record of 8 world championships. They couldn’t properly do it in 2021 because the regulation changes got pushed back to 2022. But you look at Silverstone ’21. Lewis was given 10s penalty for when a certain driver tried to squeeze him out at copse. How Spa was handled, worked nicely into the FiA’s hands with Max on pole & Lewis in 3rd. The penalty in Monza was weak af. Cause without that halo, Lewis coulda been dead. And in AD, there were 5 laps to go. Lewis was leading by 12s, with Max only closing in by Β½ a tenth to β…’ a lap. Why do you think Crofty & Brundle were starting to talk about Lewis as an 8x champ? Because it was gonna happen. Then Latifi’ crash became the perfect opportunity to stop that. With the help of MM & JW, they did it. Max was ahead of Lewis before the SC was back in the pits, he illegally swerved all over the first of the DRS straights (Lewis on 40L hard tyres was still faster then Max on fresh softs πŸ˜‚). The FiA succeeded in stoping & robbing Lewis in front of the whole world. And today moke him over that robbery with that mug. The 22 regs heavily affected Mercedes, and so far have done the so this year. In my opinion, Merc would have been more competitive if Lewis wasn’t driving for them, cause the regs would of went hard on whatever team had Lewis as their driver. He walked into this sport as a rookie in 2007, missed out on DT by 1 point because of his pit lane incident in China, and blew up F1 to the global phenomenon it is today. He widened the audience to more women & children. Inspired many to follow in his footsteps. Most importantly he inspired black boys & girls so that they could look at him & say “if a black man can reach the top of his profession, that gives me hope for myself”. Along with Seb, Lewis brought attention to important issues such as equality in race, gender & sexuality. Set up Mission 44 to help with the issue of inequality. Lewis never deserved any of this bs! And as soon as The GOAT retires, Formula One is officially done. It already started by making it more of an entertainment then a sport & allowing Red Bull get away with cheating the past 2 years (Aston Martin this year as well). Lewis retiring WILL be the nail in the coffin for, what has become, a poor excuse of a sport… It’s sad, frustrating & disappointing. But don’t worry, we will never forget who you are u/LewisHamilton, and what you’ve done on & off track! You will always be The GOAT! Always, at least, an 8x world champion! Someone who made a change & used your global platform to stand up for what you believe in. And always an inspiration… I am so proud to be part of your journey & to support you with passion & hart! We’re with you always champ! πŸ’œπŸ

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