Zoo/animal workers of Reddit, who was the animal that gave you the most grief?

Zoo/animal workers of Reddit, who was the animal that gave you the most grief?

What do you think?

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  1. Otters. They’re cute as heck but so, so gross.

    I almost quit as an intern having to clean up after them – it made me so nauseous. Their poo is all oily and fishy and goopy. They eat only seafood and have fast metabolisms so it just comes out as oily goo an hour later and they love to smear it everywhere.

    Also they’re mustelids, like ferrets. So..that means musk. A lot of it. Imagine what someone’s apartment would smell like if they kept 10 ferrets in there and that gets you to a single otter…

  2. Briefly tried to become a lion keeper at the local zoo…

    Lion poop, man. I legit still have nightmares about it. Worst substance on earth. I hate it.

    I thought I had a strong stomach but it **legit** messed me up the first time I had to clean it. I puked and ended up having to go sit on a bench leaning against a wall with a garbage can next to me, and if any other keeper sort of laughed at my misfortune and reminded me of the task at hand I’d start gagging again.

  3. Had to help “band” pelicans for an ornithology class in college once.

    Sounded fun at first, until you realize they’re all feisty and don’t want to be banned, and defend themselves by puking up rotten fish at you when frightened….

    We all left that place *covered* in fish-puke that day.

  4. everyone knew that one monkey

    some dummy trained him to get treats out of a coat pocket

    now he would reach for everyone’s pocket and get mad when no treat was present

    might scratch you (have fun with the HepB protocol for 6 months)

    or sling poo

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